Purchase EC4H Licence

NHS Lothian grants a licence to other NHS Boards or organisations to allow their employees who have been accredited as lead tutors or senior tutors to deliver Effective Communication for Healthcare approved courses in their organisation/ area.

Organisations with an EC4H licence run high quality, evidence-based clinical communication training suitable for consultants, GPs, senior managers, doctors in training, other medical staff, nurses, allied health professionals and staff working in social care services.

EC4H programme members belong to a national and international network of accredited, clinical communication tutors trained by the EC4H programme. 

EC4H has a 15+ year record of consistently high evaluations and has been endorsed by NHS Education Scotland as the lead provider of clinical communication tutor training in Scotland.

The ability to deliver a programme of high quality workshops can improve patient care and contribute to reducing complaints. This training provides excellent continuing professional development for staff at all levels, helps to lessen staff stress/ burnout and addresses educational needs of doctors and other staff identified as having communication difficulties.

All this is deliverable at substantially less cost than alternative NHS or commercial clinical communication education programmes in the UK or internationally.

Licence option A

£ 4914
  • EC4H programme membership
  • EC4H tutors’ network
  • EC4H websites/ resources
  • EC4H tutor training: 2 places
  • Tutor support
  • Tutors’ training day (4 places) OR mentoring visit
  • 5 workshop EC4H licence
  • 50 EC4H books
  • Website support

Licence option B

£ 6888
  • EC4H programme membership
  • EC4H tutors’ network
  • EC4H websites/ resources
  • EC4H tutor training: 2 places
  • Tutor support
  • Tutors’ training day (4 places) OR mentoring visit
  • 10 workshop EC4H licence
  • 100 EC4H books
  • Website support

International EC4H licence

  • EC4H programme membership
  • EC4H tutors’ network
  • EC4H websites/ resources
  • EC4H tutor training
  • Lead Tutor mentoring
  • 5 or10 workshop EC4H licence
  • 50 or 100 EC4H books
  • Website support

Extra options (with licence)

  • EC4H tutor training programme
  • £400 per person
  • EC4H single workshop package (10 books + web team support) £450
  • EC4H workshop book : £20 (inc P&P, UK)
  • EC4H topic books: Talking about deteriorating health, death and what matters £15 (inc P&P, UK)

Effective Communication for Healthcare (EC4H) Programme based in NHS Lothian will:

  • Issue an annually renewable licence to NHS Boards and other organisations with one or more groups of tutors who are members of the EC4H Programme.
  • Retain copyright and intellectual property rights for all EC4H materials in print and online including the EC4H logo and website.
  • Maintain an online register via the EC4H website of all accredited lead tutors and tutors.
  • Provide tutor training via workshops, tutor training manuals and online resources exclusively for EC4H tutors; support the organisation of supervised teaching practice for trainee tutors.
  • Provide a professional development programme for all EC4H accredited tutors to promote collaboration, course development, and continuing peer support/ learning.
  • Maintain and develop the EC4H Programme website and a linked, secure website for workshop delivery.
  • Provide EC4H workshop books for participants that tutors can use in running EC4H communication workshops.
  • Develop and provide other workshop books suitable for workshops on specific communication topics.
  • Review and update EC4H course materials and resources on a regular basis

Website sections are allocated to each participating Board/ organisation to allow them to promote workshops and courses being delivered in their area.

  • We provide a secure tutors’ resource section on the website to support local teaching programmes.
  • We set up a customised webpage for all the workshops run in each partner Board/ organisation with resources for participants, pre-course and post-course evaluations for completion by participants, an interactive online forum and an email contact list for tutors and the workshop participants.
  • The website provides workshop certificates for participants to download or print when they have completed their online post-course evaluation.
  • Lead tutors and workshop tutors using the EC4H websites are supported by our designated EC4H web team.

EC4H programme can terminate the agreement if the annual licence fee is not paid or if the licensee breaches the terms of the agreement, with particular attention to the quality standards as set out in the licence.

EC4H Partner NHS Boards/ Organisations and their employees will:

  • Appoint a designated EC4H programme lead tutor with administrative support.
  • Ensure that all tutors have been trained and accredited by the EC4H programme.
  • Facilitate ongoing professional development of accredited tutors by supporting them to deliver at least 2-4 days of communication teaching per annum, in addition to participating in the EC4H professional development programme.
  • Accept liability for ensuring that workshops and courses delivered within their Board area/ organisation meet the training standards and guidance in high quality, educational practice set out in the EC4H tutor training programmes.  Ensure that only fully qualified EC4H tutors deliver workshops using EC4H materials and resources.
  • Ensure that the lead tutor in each Board/ organisation uploads summary evaluations of workshop they run to the EC4H programme website and sends these to the EC4H programme lead tutors at least once a year.
  • Take responsibility for all aspects of organising local workshops/ courses including obtaining CPD approval where appropriate.
  • Agree not to store, modify, distribute or use EC4H materials for purposes other than the delivery of communication workshops that are registered on the website and managed / delivered in line with EC4H standards.  All materials to be acknowledged and to refer to the EC4H copyright.
  • Maintain a consistent fee structure for locally delivered workshops; exceptions to this arrangement need to be agreed with NHS Lothian in advance. This applies to fees charged to participants not employed within that Board area. Local training can be charged according to each Board’s education funding policy.

Dr Belinda Hacking
Dr Kirsty Boyd
EC4H Programme Leads